Terms of Use for customers (including sponsors) of Cordes Marketing & Sales - operator Jörg Cordes

§ 1 - Area of Aapplication and changes in the Terms and Conditions

I. These general business sales conditions (Terms) regulate the established contractual relationship between the customer and Cordes Marketing & Sales, Jörg Cordes, Walsroder Strasse 84a, 27283 Verden (Aller) (hereinafter "CordesMV" called) with CordesMV in connection with the traffic exchange service InhaltImWeb.de chargeable services.

II. CordesMV reserves the right to change these terms and conditions. Part of the contract is the valid version at the time of concluding the contract. Changes to these Terms will be posted to the customer via newsletter / email. If within 14 days no objection, the new GTC shall be deemed accepted. Does not agree with the changes, the customer, he is entitled to the possibility of cancellation of the account, any balance will be refunded in this case.

III. InhaltImWeb.de is free of charge for normal users of CordesMV. The following are the people who use the free exchange visitors, members or users are called. Customer under these Conditions are companies or individuals who pay for advertising or promotions on InhaltImWeb.de.

IV. Deviating Terms of customers do not apply. You shall also not apply if CordesMV does not expressly contradict them.

§ 2 - Contract and Withdrawal

I. By submitting an order through the booking form, the customer makes a binding offer that can be accepted by CordesMV within 14 days. CordfesMV accepts the offer by sending an email with a confirmation email. With the adoption of a legally binding agreement is entered into, including these Conditions with.

II., The customer may cancel the contract in writing at any time without notice for any reason or by email withdrawn within 14 days after conclusion of the contract (German § 312 I BGB). The right of withdrawal is excluded as soon as the customer has caused on his account the service (German § 312 III, 2nd Alt.).

III. Customer represents, if he has not yet completed the age of 18 to have received the consent of the parent / guardian for the contract.

§ 3 - Availability

I. We do not guarantee uninterrupted availability of this service. This is especially true if access is prevented to those benefits and CordesMV by faults that lie outside the sphere of operation of CordesMV. CordesMV but eliminate interference referred to in § 4 Services immediately under the technical and operational capabilities.

II., We reserve the right at anytime to discontinue the service without giving reasons. Should still be open at this time advertising bookings from customers, deposits will be refunded.

§ 4 Paid services of CordesMV

I. After the conclusion of the contract (§ 2) and the payment of the agreed fee is CordfesMV the customers account is available that allows the customer to arrange for the service booked.

II. Exact benefits depend on the type of booking.

  1. Advertising account - The customer receives after receipt of the access to a sponsor account with a credit in the amount of the booking. If the customer already has a sponsor account, the new balance will be credited to the existing account. Can enter one or more sites for insertion into the Surfbar the customer about the sponsors area. The web pages are controlled by CordesMV and only after accepting by CordesMV for the display enabled. After activation CordesMV will display the website in the surf bar. The website will be shown again the same Member earliest after 2 hours. CordesMV provides the customer on the number of impressions in the sponsors area statistics with the number of screenings after days separately available.
  2. Member Account - The customer receives after receipt of the access to a members account with a credit in the amount of the booking. If the customer has already a membership account, the new balance will be credited to the existing account. For the services, § 3 II membership rules apply. The Customer is also the services according to § take 3 I and III of the members rules to complete. The customer agrees, but only to take up these benefits when in addition to these Terms accepts the entire membership rules. In this case arises in accordance with the use of the services in addition to this contract for valuable consideration, an additional contract for the transfer payments. the members rules.
  3. Text Links - The customer receives after receipt of the access to a sponsor account with a credit in the amount of the booking. If the customer already has a sponsor account, the new balance will be credited to the existing account. Can create one or more text links that are displayed directly in the surf tips on the website of auto-surf.de and in the surf bar after applying the customer about the sponsors area.

§ 5 - Disclaimer

I. We assume no liability for any damage, except for gross negligence and willful damage. We do not guarantee error free functionality of the script.

We do however note that there may be an increased volume of traffic through the use of exchange visits, which might incur additional costs depending on the provider. For this cost we are not liable.

§ 6 - Requirements for Your Website

I. The customer holds the following requirements for its pending (s) website (s), hereinafter referred to page (s) or website (s), a:

  • not more than 1 (in words ONE) PopUp. LayerAdds are also considered PopUp
  • PopUps and LayerAdds must be marked as such
  • Websites with music must be labeled accordingly
  • no frame breakers, not more than 30 individual frames per site
  • no eroticism and no Pronografie
  • no dialer programs
  • no sites with illegal content
  • no hacker sites with serialz, warez, etc.
  • Pages only in English or German language
  • Web sites are marked as in German or English language
  • no inhuman and right-wing extremist content
  • any (foreign) visitors exchange systems (other than begging pages)
  • no sides against religions / religious communities or requests from religious groups emerge

II. On the sides, no scripts, programs, or the like may be used to interfere with the function of Surfbar or impossible.
These include, in particular, scripts,
- Which set the current page in the second rhythm in the foreground.
- Is caused by the computer on an average 100% CPU usage (eg by running text in the status line).

III. The customer is obliged to services he provides for use or to which it gives access to the use, in accordance with § 6 Teleservices Act Germany (Gerrman called TDG) and § 6 Media Services Agreement Germany (German called MDStV) be provided with a Provider identification.

IV. CordenMV accepts no liability for the content of Members pages and customer pages. CordesMV expressly distances itself from all content and links on this page.

- Note on the Legal / Company Information: A valid Imprint contains according to current legislation, first and last name, receiving loads mailing address (no PO Box) and email address and telephone number. In companies a responsible Ansprechartner. To become more common warnings, we must insist on a legal notice. This must be easy to find from any page and be accessible. For purely private pages without any advertising we do without an imprint.

§ 7 - violations of the criteria for allowable pages

I. If a page after activation by CordesMV be changed so that the page would no longer be accepted for re-submission to acceptance (Violation), CordesMV has the right to delete the website from the customer's account. In case of repeated infringements reserves in CordesMV to terminate the customer. A credit will not be refunded in this case!

II., The customer is informed in the case of erasure or blocking of the situation and of the reason via email and PM (personal message in the internal system).

III. If a rule violation is noticed by a member, that member may report the violation through a link in the surf bar at InhaltImWeb.de and can receive this bonus points if the rule violation is detected. These bonus points are the customer in this case be deducted from his credit.

§ 8 - Obligations of the Customer

I. The customer will provide the data requested on the online registration process truthfully and notify changes to this information without delay. For this change, the customer is in the sponsor area relevant form available ("Profile"). The bold print fields must be completed, the others are optional. For a proper invoice, you of course need the appropriate information. Since the account is automatically created a resupply the missing information is possible only in special cases.

II., The customer keeps the specified email address actually, CordesMV reserves the right to terminate accounts of customers when contacting you via email and otherwise eg Telephone is not possible. The customer must ensure that the email address of CordesMV "inhaltimweb [at] gmx.de" is not blocked by spam filters. Emails are due to filters not delivered by the customer, CordesMV is not liable for the consequences arising therefrom and from eg Termination.

III. The customer will keep his password secret and other data, enable unauthorized access their account and they immediately change or can be changed from CordesMV if there is reason to suspect that unauthorized third parties have gained knowledge from this information.

IV., The customer agrees to be informed at irregular intervals about server downtime, new features, bug fixes and other news via email. General Newsletter can be "profile" disabled in the login area under "My Account" /. If the newsletter received has been disabled, the customer gets only very important and urgent information.

§ 9 - advertising

I. The current forms of advertising at CordesMV are:

  • Banner Advertising: Premiums sponsors banners are displayed in the surf bar and on the homepage of InhaltImWeb.de.
  • Bonus Partners Advertising: In this advertising format customers can eg Set Ref-Links to other projects. The members then see the list of Bonus Partners. When members log in, they can then enter the user name (or an alternate return value) and share so that they have registered. For members receive a remuneration. The customer can also choose to have a first condition must be met.
  • Klick4Credits advertising: Customers can banners and / or text links and book advertise therefore, other members can then click on these links and thereby Credit verdienen.Die links can be booked as a Question link. After the expiration of the minimum retention period, a question will appear to the side with three possible answers. A correct response, there are additional points.
  • Klick4Win Advertising: These advertising works as Klick4Credits. However, the member receives unlike Klick4Credits not always a fee, but only every xth click the member receives a profit, but this is higher than Klick4Credits.
  • Pagepeel advertising: The customer Banner (also dog-eared German) displayed as page peel, by clicking on the member reaches the customer site
  • Paid Mail Advertising: The client sends its booked advertising text to members who have expressly agreed to the Paidmail reception in your profile. The customer has interest categories available and optional function of the Question-mail (extra charge). In the Question-mails the member receives extra points for answering a multiple choice question (3 answers).
  • Surfbar advertising: The advertiser's site appears at stated intervals, between the members websites. The number of hits can be limited per hour and / or day. The customer can set the time when the site should Wrede displayed.
  • Text link advertising: In the current Surfbar member of the posted text links the customer are displayed.

II. CordesMV reserves the right forms of advertising disable temporarily, completely discontinue or add new ones. Changes will be notified to the customer by email.

§ 10 - Termination, deletion of the account

I. The utilization ratio begins with completion of registration and will run for an indefinite period. It may be terminated at any time by the customer or CordesMV without notice.

II. Uses the customer the credit in his account within 90 days of the start of a campaign, the account of CordesMV can be deleted. The customer is notified 14 days prior to cancellation by email. The 90-day period may be extended as often at the request of the customer by CordesMV. However, a claim for an extension is not.

III. A termination of the contractual relationship by the customer can use the form on the login page to the sponsor area, in writing, by email or fax. CordesMV may terminate the usage agreement via email.

IV. Upon termination by CordesMV, or by the sponsor of the account and all stored customer data will be deleted. In case of cancellation by the customer shall be forfeited and any credit balance will not be paid. Upon termination by CordesMV will be paid any balance if the termination is not made ​​on the basis of violations of these Terms of Use.

§ 11 - Notice

I. CordesMV and the customer will comply with the relevant data protection legislation, in particular the German Teleservices Data Protection Act (Teleservices Data Protection Act) and the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).

II., The customer agrees that CordesMV stores its own data electronically. The data are in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the Teleservice Data treated Protection Act (Teleservices Data Protection Act). A transfer of data to third parties. When personal information data with which an identity can be determined, such as name, address or email address are valid.

III. For customers and Mirglieder who visit our website, our web server stores default the IP address, the web site from which you visit us, the pages you visit on our site, the date and duration of your visit as well as some of the commonly transmitted by the browser information. We use the information to improve our website and to increase the security. The data collected we can assign to any particular person, we do not run together with other data sources.

IV., We put on our website customary techniques such as cookies. They serve to make our website more user-friendly, effective and safe Cookies are small text files that are stored locally in the cache of your internet browser and enable recognition of that browser. In addition to so-called session cookies that are automatically deleted when you log out or close your browser, we also use so-called persistent cookies, featuring a recurring users. Our cookies on your computer no harm. You may refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser. Of course, you can delete the corresponding function browser cookies at any time. If customers delete or adjust your browser to reject cookies cookies, this may impair the function of the site.

§ 12 - Final Provisions

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany under exclusion of the UN Sales Convention. Should one or more of these clauses be invalid, this does not affect the validity of the remaining clauses.

When deviations between the english version and the german version, the german version is authentic.

All trademarks and brand names belong to their respective owners. Jurisdiction is Verden Validity October 2014