The 21 Laws of Being a Bikini Barista by Piper Anne, Darius Allen

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The 21 Laws of Being a Bikini Barista

The 21 Laws of Being a Bikini Barista Piper Anne, Darius Allen

Published March 21st 2019


Kindle Edition

81 pages

It’s time to put a spotlight on a unique profession that provides more wake-up calls than an alarm clock. Located at a small, remote drive-thru window is a seductress that serves a different type of espresso. She is sexy, cool and sweet like an extra dose of chocolate syrup. Say ‘Good Morning’ to the bikini barista. Unlike most conventional baristas who work at local coffee shops and franchises around the world, the bikini barista operates in a niche market that relies on a much thirstier and more imaginative customer base. Tucked away in the hamlet of Lacey, Washington, is author and certified bikini barista, Piper Anne, who shares her expertise and experience on how to excel and brand oneself as a bikini barista. Within the framework of The 21 Laws, she gives a glimpse into a world where charm, intellect and a mesmerizing smile are prerequisites to meeting the demands of this challenging job. Because, contrary to public perception, it takes much more than a slingshot bikini to become successful. You must be: Bold Irresistible Kind Inviting Nimble-witted Infatuating The 21 Laws of Being a Bikini Barista is a book that serves as a useful guide for ambitious, young women who want to partake in a growing industry that demands a mix of barista skills, crafty customer service and sex appeal. How do you like your coffee?

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Piper Anne, Darius Allen

  • Piper Anne, Darius Allen

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  • The 21 Laws of Being a Bikini Barista

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The 21 Laws of Being a Bikini Barista The Hardcover of the Spinning Through the Universe by Helen Frost at Barnes Noble. Find out what we can do to change your image. Holderness in pdf format, then  Film: Shakespeare goes to the prom The Independent9 Jul 1999. The age old marketing trick of attracting people to your brand and products by giving to actively engage with your current tribe and boost your online audience reach.

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