Bryan's Acre: The Friels of Donegal by Janice Tuttle Friel

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Bryan's Acre: The Friels of Donegal

Bryan's Acre: The Friels of Donegal Janice Tuttle Friel

Published July 24th 2018


Kindle Edition

172 pages

Bryan's Acre located in beautiful Donegal Ireland was the beginning of a long and arduous journey to a new land. It is a story of a family filled with hardship, fear, love and courage. It is a story of one Irish family which undergoes and conquers so many hardships not unlike the other millions of immigrants that came to America from all over the world. Immigrants who had no money, no wealth but who were brave enough to cross an ocean into the unknown. Bryan's Acre was the beginning. The Friel Family's heritage is not an end but continues to be a beginning. The Friel name goes forward, living free, happy and prosperous in their home, America. The books tells the stories of the famine ending with "A Taste of Irish Culture" which gives us interesting facts and tales of Ireland. Thanks to the courage of their ancestors they will never forget their roots, however, in Ireland know as: Bryan Acre.

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Janice Tuttle Friel

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Bryan's Acre: The Friels of Donegal A simple life is one with fewer  How can I simplify my life.

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