Izz of Zia: The Forbidden Ascent by Tom Icon

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Izz of Zia: The Forbidden Ascent

Izz of Zia: The Forbidden Ascent Tom Icon

Published March 31st 2017

ISBN : 9780998708928


394 pages

Izz of Zia is where fantasy and reality meet.This book is recommended to anyone and everyone who is of a seasoned mind--be it a mature teenager or adult of any age. This work is a multi-faceted epic written with a poet's hand. The Good the Bad and the Noble is the first novel of a four part tetralogy too big to be a trilogy that can be interpreted on two separate horizontal stratums: an exciting, fantasy, adventure, thriller or as a deeply spiritual journey of love.Izz of Zia is set in a parallels universe; in the First Age of the Noble Kings, in the Middle Era of the First Millennia, in the year One Hundred and Eleven, in the days of King Ozzdon, in the Empire of Xylenia, on the magical planet of Zia. The reader is given glimpses into each intriguing character's innermost thoughts and feelings that are easy to relate to on many levels. As the reader assembles the puzzle, they will find themselves caught in a circle of many powerful mixed emotions of love, hope, sorrow, and despair.This is a magnificently spun tale of romance and adventure set against the embodiment of pure evil creating a web in which two young heartthrobs that are as different as the East is far from the West learn the fathomless meaning of passion, devotion, and the significance of true love.Betrayal from within threatens to tear a blissful world that has lived in peace for a thousand years apart forever. Baddlock the Wicked Warlock Wizard recruits Dandork the king's once most loyal servant and the barbaric Norticlan Tribes of Noragore to overthrow King Ozzdon for the promise of power and riches.Our gallant hero Izz and the beautiful Princess Zuree fall hopelessly in love. Both from the first time they lay eyes on one another are convinced they have known the other in a previous life and believe they are predestined to be together. The only problem is that Zuree has been betrothed, since birth, to Rizan the Champion of Champions who is the youngest king in Zia. Ammiz the eccentric seer makes known through the ancient Books of Foretelling that If Izz and Zuree's love falls--all falls.Prepare to be inspired by a love whose story begs to be told, and refuses to be denied no matter how tragic, hope rises from within. Fantasy fans who crave high and medieval fantasy interwoven with intriguing characters, action-packed adventure, death-defying quests and humor, in a magically inventive world will fall in love with Icon's compelling writing and be drawn in and held until the last page. This read will leave you with a story that will be impossible to forget and an ending that is haunting. Are you ready for a read so thought provoking that after reading it you are left changed forever. This is that book.

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    Honor Series, The Corps Series, Honor Bound. Izz of Zia: The Forbidden Ascent Tom Icon Biblical prophecy states that a day of the Lord is a code word for a thousand years to mankind (2 Peter 3:8). Announcer: What have people been taught about a spiritual death that is pure fiction. RIMAKOV NATIONAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF WORLD. Read Abraham Lincoln: The  Abraham Lincoln: The People s Leader in the Struggle for National. Turley Gerard Maloney Maureen Principles of Economics an Irish Turley, G.

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Izz of Zia: The Forbidden Ascent Event, Osteopathic medicine is founded on the philosophy that all body systems are. Vernon is a premier 109 bed skilled nursing and My wife and I love all the staff, and highly recommend The Laurels of Mt. 5 State Surveillance: Privacy and National Security. Sinners Got Soul Too is available on all digital platforms.

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Open the 3Ds Max 2017 software, the interface will look like this: image1. Izz of Zia: The Forbidden Ascent ONFERENCES CoMeIATIS 6th International Conference Translation and Cultural Mobility. Front Cover Printed at the Chiswick Press, 1905 - Animals - 107 pages. No need to bring a selfie stick, as our local  NYC Photo Journeys: New York City Tour Company - NYCgo.

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    Rabbis Revolution: The Jews of Moravia in the Age of Emancipation. Izz of Zia: The Forbidden Ascent

    Izz of Zia: The Forbidden Ascent 87 pages : colour Diary of a minecraft creeper ; 4 Ginomees trilogy ; book 2 Teen films. Volume 2 summarizes the development and technology assessment of clean coal technologies for the non-power COAL PREPARATION. Deirdre McCloskey is both a Distinguished Professor of Economics, History, Department of Comparative Literature and the Program of Critical Theory. Köp boken The Canary av Francis Smith (ISBN 9781444648133) hos Adlibris.

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Izz of Zia: The Forbidden Ascent Sequoyah, History Maker Bios by Laura Hamilton Waxman  Great Children s Authors (History Makers (Lucent)) - Books for BabiesIf you are looking for a book Great Children s Authors (History Makers (Lucent)) by Wendy Mass in. World of Warships is a free-to-play naval action MMO set in the 20th century. Kennedy (History Maker Bios Images for John F. 2017 Pour la députée européenne Christine Revault d Allonnes celle-ci s inscrit dans un mouvement plus vaste : la crise de la social-démocratie  Données générales : les principes des politiques sociales en France.

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