Dopants and Defects in Semiconductors by Matthew D. McCluskey, Eugene E. Haller

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Dopants and Defects in Semiconductors

Dopants and Defects in Semiconductors Matthew D. McCluskey, Eugene E. Haller

Published February 23rd 2012

ISBN : 9781439831526


392 pages

Dopants and Defects in Semiconductors covers the theory, experimentation, and identification of impurities, dopants, and intrinsic defects in semiconductors. The book fills a crucial gap between solid-state physics and more specialized course texts.The authors first present introductory concepts, including basic semiconductor theory, defect classifications, crystal growth, and doping. They then explain electrical, vibrational, optical, and thermal properties. Moving on to characterization approaches, the text concludes with chapters on the measurement of electrical properties, optical spectroscopy, particle-beam methods, and microscopy.By treating dopants and defects in semiconductors as a unified subject, this book helps define the field and prepares students for work in technologically important areas. It provides students with a solid foundation in both experimental methods and the theory of defects in semiconductors.

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Matthew D. McCluskey, Eugene E. Haller

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