Selections from the Poems of William Wordsworth by William Wordsworth, A. Hamilton Thompson

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Selections from the Poems of William Wordsworth

Selections from the Poems of William Wordsworth William Wordsworth, A. Hamilton Thompson

Published October 1st 2015

ISBN : 9781107544659


244 pages

First published in 1921, as the second edition of a 1917 original, this book contains a selection of poems by Wordsworth ordered chronologically. The selection was made with the aim of showing 'as clearly as possible the spirit which animates Wordsworth's poetry, his perception of an inward presence in all Nature, communicating itself to man's apprehension and acting as a fortifying and restraining influence, at once a source of content and an impulse to right action'. An editorial introduction is also included, together with detailed notes. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in Wordsworth's poetry and English Romanticism.

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William Wordsworth, A. Hamilton Thompson

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Selections from the Poems of William Wordsworth by William Wordsworth, A. Hamilton Thompson Concept of Trade and Macroeconomic Policies and Poverty Reduction.

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