Summerland (Dreamtime Book 2) by Pat Kelbaugh

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Summerland (Dreamtime Book 2)

Summerland (Dreamtime Book 2) Pat Kelbaugh

Published August 5th 2011


Kindle Edition

406 pages

Summerland is, in fact, an anthology - short stories, poetry, and a noir-detective novella - all woven inside a novel. Summerland is also a love song to the author's hometown, a little beach town in Connecticut, as well as the beginning of the complete story of Nora. Like the town, Summerland might very well provide temporary escape from whatever needs escaping from, and in its place leave enchantment and the ghost of a sea breeze. And other ghosts. After all, Dreamtime is the place where ghosts reside. Darke House, the first in the series, was the introduction to this imaginary world. Summerland continues the adventure. Welcome back to Dreamtime!

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Pat Kelbaugh

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    Cinderella - Her evil stepmother and stepsisters would not let her go to the ball, but  An artist envisions what classic fairy tales would look like today. Summerland (Dreamtime Book 2)

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