Men of Iron: A Tale of Chivalrous Times by Howard Pyle, Howard Pyle Brokaw, Ian Richardson

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Men of Iron: A Tale of Chivalrous Times

Men of Iron: A Tale of Chivalrous Times Howard Pyle, Howard Pyle Brokaw, Ian Richardson

Published 1982

ISBN : 9781417939770


Men of Iron was first published in 1891 in the magazine Harper's Young People as a serial story in 21 parts, each part illustrated with an oil painting by Pyle. It was then brought out as a book, and during the nearly 90 intervening years it has been continuously in print. Hundreds of thousands of hard cover copies have been sold, and it has been issued in paperback by at least four publishers. It has been made into a movie, a 1954 production with Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh, and Herbert Marshall, which, from time to time, can be seen on television under the title The Black Shield of Falworth. This Caedmon record, read by Ian Richardson, the British Shakesperean actor, is a condensation of Pyle's book - selected parts of the original text chosen so as to present a coherent story. The genuine flavor of the full work is there, enhanced by Ian Richardson's masterful performance.

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Howard Pyle, Howard Pyle Brokaw, Ian Richardson

  • Howard Pyle, Howard Pyle Brokaw, Ian Richardson

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  • Howard Pyle, Howard Pyle Brokaw, Ian Richardson

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