The Clovis Chronicles: Book One by Tom DiFrancesca III

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The Clovis Chronicles: Book One

The Clovis Chronicles: Book One Tom DiFrancesca III

Published April 25th 2008

ISBN : 9781435716773


280 pages

As time unravels and the end of days is quickly nearing, mysterious unexplained events are occurring all around the world. Clovis, a small city located in eastern New Mexico, is no exception. UFO sightings, a mysterious compound under construction just outside of town, and the pending yet unexpected arrival of thousands of strangers are only some of the eerie events unfolding. This first book of a series invites you to witness divine destiny being fulfilled in the lives of two childhood sweethearts. After having been separated from each other and from God for a span of almost fifty years, they are supernaturally reunited in order to lead a battle against an evil conspiracy that was birthed just prior to World War Two. Experience glimpses into the hero's and heroine's pasts, which include flying saucers, cowboys, angels, demons, and believe or not, some famous 1950's rock and roll icons. Also added into the mix, are very large portions of action, adventure, and suspense.

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Tom DiFrancesca III

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If a woman s kiss has the power to turn a frog into a prince, then logically a Nor does a woman s love have the power to transform jerks into  How many frogs do I have to kiss to find my Prince. The Clovis Chronicles: Book One Tom DiFrancesca III

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