Tenalirama's Wit by Pratibha Kasturia

This is the same book I remember my mother used to use.

Tenalirama's Wit

Tenalirama's Wit Pratibha Kasturia



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The stories of Tenalirama are as popular as Akbar-Birbal stories. Tenalirama also known as Tenaliraman in some parts of the southern India, was the court-jester of the ruler of Vijayanagar, Krishnadeva Rai. Tenalirama was a very clever and witty person. He was so quick and prompt in his reply to any question of the King, that the King was often left speechless. He could resolve the most difficult problem with simplicity and ease, through his wit and funny tricks. Tenalirama became favourite of the King and was also his most trusted and admired friend. Here, we present a collection of some of the interesting tales of Krishnadev Rai and Tenalirama duo, with colourful illustrations. Hope our young readers will enjoy reading these interesting stories.

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Pratibha Kasturia

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