The Hidden Depths by Ro Stevens, Louise Bolotin, Leah Dilorenzo

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The Hidden Depths

The Hidden Depths Ro Stevens, Louise Bolotin, Leah Dilorenzo

Published May 31st 2013


Kindle Edition

260 pages

A 25-year age gap, a massive difference in wealth and lifestyles, yet to discover her sexuality fully, and someone willing to murder to get the man she wants. Will Carol’s relationship with Luke be strong enough to overcome these obstacles?Based on the south coast of England, Hidden Depths is an erotic romance with a twist.§Carol is 61 and has been widowed for three years. A year after being made redundant, she is bored. She has had no sex for 30 years and finds it hard to imagine another man in her life. Recently, though, she’s been having disturbing erotic dreams.Tall, good-looking, wealthy and only 36, Luke is an unlikely match for Carol but he sees there is more to her than meets the eye and gives her a present of a Russian doll. Luke thinks the doll is perfect for Carol, the layers that need to be removed to reach the unconventional final doll representing her repressed erotic nature.Luke teaches Carol about her hidden depths, which include a liking for open air sex, restraint, and spanking. She’s not so happy, though, when Luke decides to see if she has any sadistic tendencies.As their relationship blossoms, Carol and Luke start receiving anonymous letters from a jealous poison-pen writer. The prime suspects are Peri, who volunteers at the charity shop where Luke and Carol met, and Francine, Luke’s stepmother. The threats escalate and eventually the letter writer abducts Carol, locking her in an abandoned house with the intention of leaving her to die.Will Luke be able to find Carol before it’s too late?

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Ro Stevens, Louise Bolotin, Leah Dilorenzo

  • Ro Stevens, Louise Bolotin, Leah Dilorenzo

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  • Ro Stevens, Louise Bolotin, Leah Dilorenzo

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The Hidden Depths EW Personality Plus for Couples: Understanding Yourself and the.

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