The Major's War: Worth Fighting for by E.M. Owsiany

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The Major's War: Worth Fighting for

The Major's War: Worth Fighting for E.M. Owsiany

Published June 18th 2013

ISBN : 9781482799408


320 pages

When a special OSS unit is dropped in occupied Europe to disrupt the German war effort, their first mission is jeopardized when a spy within the Resistance will stop at nothing to bring their operation to an immediate and final end. The first novel in a series full of action, adventure, and camaraderie, E. M. Owsiany explores the bonds that are formed by men when they are thrown together in a time of war.Major James Stanton is handpicked to choose a small team of men whose job is simple: parachute into occupied Europe and complete dangerous missions that hinder the German war effort. After picking his team and training with them in the US, they all ship off to England to await their first mission. But Stanton has become attached to his men, something he vowed would never happen, and is about to push himself to the limits to protect them.Galvanized by Stanton

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Proceedings of the North-West European Category Seminar Berlin, Germany, 28 29 March 2003. 1 of 2 (Classic Reprint) [Nathan Drake] on Amazon. E.M. Owsiany DVD Storage Ideas - Anyone with an unruly DVD collection knows 15 Unique Stylish CD and DVD Storage Ideas - Simply Home Dvd Storage ShelvesMovie StorageStorage For BooksDiy Media .

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The Major's War: Worth Fighting for English; Deutsch; Espa ol; Portugu s (Brasil) Fran ais; Italiano; Portugu s.

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E.M. Owsiany

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