Carry-Along Kitten (Carry-Along Pets) by Fiona Hayes

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Carry-Along Kitten (Carry-Along Pets)

Carry-Along Kitten (Carry-Along Pets) Fiona Hayes

Published August 1st 2008

ISBN : 9780764195051

Board book

10 pages

This friendly striped Kitten loves to play with her stuffed toy mouse. The " Carry Along Pets " miniature board books feature charming and friendly little animals on their front covers and a brief story with bright, full-page illustrations of each of their heavy-gauge board pages. Every book comes in its own distinctive carrying case, constructed of sturdy cardboard, and shaped and illustrated like the title animal's little house. The carrying case has a handle at its top so toddlers can put their " Carry Along Pets " book inside and tote it around with them wherever they go. The carrying case opens at its top, so it's easy for little boys and girls to take the book out and enjoy looking at its friendly animal pictures.

Carry-Along Kitten (Carry-Along Pets) And some spread their wings like eagles and soar on the wind.

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Fiona Hayes

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