The Ghost Lover Of Emerald Hill And Other Stories by Goh Sin Tub

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The Ghost Lover Of Emerald Hill And Other Stories

The Ghost Lover Of Emerald Hill And Other Stories Goh Sin Tub

Published 1998


148 pages

This is the second book written by Mr Goh Sin Tub, a prize-winner in the National Short Story Writing Competitions for both 1986/87. This collection of short stories is about Singaporeans told in the author's relaxed and friendly manner with occasional bursts of the poetic.Contents: The ghost lover of Emerald Hill; Bukit Ho Swee Memoir; A time to let die; The brief rebellion of Mr Phua; Sold for consideration; David in clover; What’s a rat to do in a rat race?; Insecurity of Tenure; The curse of Hai Leong Ong; Moral turpitude at St. Jerome’s; Sayonara Sensei; A killer in our HDB block.

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